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ARES meetings are normally held at 6:30 PM in the odd numbered months, preceding the Athens Radio Club's monthly meeting.

Formidable Footprint Exercises are conducted on-line.  Individuals or groups may participate in these thought provoking exercises on how you might respond to the focus event for that session.  You must register in advance to participate in these exercises.  Click on the link to visit the Formidable Footprint Exercise website for more information.

  * If anyone has particular interest for a program topic and/or would like to present a ham radio emergency preparedness-related topic at an upcoming ARES meeting, please e-mail the

Recent News

1/29/2016 - A new weekly net script has been posted on the Net page and Annex A5 was updated to reflect the new script.

1/9/2016 - Visit the Emergency Operations Plan page to download an updated Stadium Operating Annex.  Frequencies used within the stadium have changed based on testing during the 2015 season.  Participants in stadium activities must now be capable of operating on UHF frequencies.

Amateur Radio Support of Boston Marathon

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